What is Guasha Facial?

What is Guasha Facial?

This ancient Chinese healing technique has gained popularity over the past few years in the United States but many people are still unsure of what exactly Gua Sha is and why it’s so good for you.

According to the principles of (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi (pronounced “chi”) must flow throughout your body in order for you to feel your best. When qi becomes stagnant in certain areas, it is believed that health problems can occur. This is the same principle as lymphatic drainage but with Gua Sha, you are using a smooth stone usually made of jade or rose quartz to help improve circulation and promote healing. My favorite part of doing facials is the gua sha facial massage. I think of it as a mini workout for the skin. Among its numerous benefits, it helps by stimulating blood circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the skin.

At Alivio Wellness, our Esthetician uses the Gua Sha stone to help give your face a mini workout, stimulating blood circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Gua Sha is particularly helpful for lymphatic drainage in our face and this is important because we don’t move the muscles in our faces very much. The stone tool allows your Esthetician to work deeper into the muscles than using fingers alone making this more effective than a traditional facial massage and is used in conjunction with a facial oil. The benefits of a Gua Sha facial are numerous, including a more toned and sculpted appearance, less puffiness, and is especially good for acne sufferers. And the cherry on top? At Alivio, you’ll get this all while experiencing our Higher Dose Infrared PEMF mat, also used in our lymphatic drainage sessions. The PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) mat sends electromagnetic waves through your body at different frequencies to help promote your body’s own recovery process. It’s low heat is not intended to make you sweat and is just the right amount of heat to promote total relaxation. 
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