Virtual Nutritional Counseling

Robin DeCicco, holistic nutritionist, is here to give you REAL, no BS nutrition information and will tell it to you like it is.Think you’re being healthy by buying: lowfat/whole grain/diet foods? Think you’re making the right choices by buying Special K bars, ordering soy lattes and ordering salads made entirely of raw veggies?

Robin is here to challenge your habits and tell you exactly why and how to help get you back in the driver’s seat of your life and your health

Our Holistic Nutritionist can help you with:

  • Prevention and maintenance – teach ways to avoid disease and how to minimize impact of genetic factors
  • Cardiovascular diseases aid in prevention of cardiovascular related diseases through development of lifestyle plans. Educate those with high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure on how the right food choices act as preventative medicine in the body
  • Cancer: Recommend specific diet and lifestyle modalities researched to optimize daily functioning during treatment and to prevent recurrence
  • Diabetes- Examine foods diabetics eat and explain hidden names for sugar while revamping diets to reflect the highest quality grains and whole foods
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions – Help to minimize symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders by using a whole-body and mind approach to determine if ailment is connected to other problems in the mind and body and work to recognize triggers for flare-ups and attack them using cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Food Allergies- Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy allergy-friendly foods and provide an understanding that many food replacements are artificial and refined
  • Weight Loss- Develop plans tailored for each individual while analyzing habits and patterns
  • Overall Food Education- Teach you how to choose the right foods for your body to optimize energy/cognitive function and stay away from what is studied to lead to hea