Lymphatic Specialist

I begin each client session with rediscovering and re-anchoring the body through my expertise as a Master Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Artist, a Body Worker certified in The Reynolds Technique, and a Master Embodied Flow Artist.

Through drawing on the knowledge and wisdom gained from nutritional and energetic practices implemented over a 15 year process of becoming non-symptomatic of Endometriosis, more than 1,000 hours over several years of apprenticeship and certification in The Reynolds Technique, training in the art of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage, creating a successful Lymphatic Drainage practice in partnership with HigherDOSE in NYC, years as a teaching artist, and a lifetime of work as a writer and performance artist, I am uniquely qualified to lead people through a process of unwinding and detoxing chronic holding patterns, both physical and energetic.

This work is simple, yet powerful. While it is not therapy, it is therapeutic, and may support an ongoing practice of wholeness, wellness, and creative expression.

Instagram: @beam.and.flow